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Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

When a US merchant or retailer only accepts a US credit card, or you are looking for a very specific item possibly by researching local classified advertisements, do not worry. Our Personal Shopper will take care of it for you.

Simply provide us with the exact item identity, or send a specific link if the item is located on the internet. Advise us how much you want to pay and we will do the rest. We will purchase the item on your behalf using our US credit card and send the goods right over to you.

Merchandise Repacking

Merchandise Repacking & Consolidation

Separate to consolidation, TheBoxDrop also offers you the option of repackaging your purchases. Repackaging removes unnecessary volumetric weight from your packages.

With volumetric weight used as standard in the shipping industry, it is important for purchases? outer packaging not to be too excessive compared to the actual physical contents. By utilizing the TheBoxDrop repackaging service your purchases will be repackaged.



Members will be able to store the merchandise for 30 days free of charge this will enable them to decide whether to take advantage of our consolidation service after the 30 day period storage will be charged at a rate of $ 4.00 per parcel.

Shipping Options

Shipping Options

TheBoxDrop has gone to great lengths to negotiate heavily discounted shipping rates, across a range of service providers, covering all aspects of the shipping industry.

From global names in parcels & logistics, to national postal operators and even international freight forwarders, you can be sure TheBoxDrop has the right service for your needs, at the best price.

Invoice Preparation

Commercial Invoice Preparation

Almost all merchandise is delivered domestically in the USA with a standard packing list , TheBoxDrop will create a commercial invoice based on the items listed on the packing list and verified by our staff.

The commercial invoice is required for export and is utilized by the Customs authorities to determine duties and taxes if applicable ,based on value and description.

Receive Mail

Receive Mail
( Letters, Magazines, Catalogs )

TheBoxDrop will provide you with the ability to purchase your favorite magazines , receive catalogs from various vendors and letters which we can consolidate and forward on a weekly or monthly basis as requested. The shipping services offered will be the same as for your package forwarding although we would suggest that this could be sent regular mail via the USPS on request for cost reasons , however with this service there would be no tracking and the transit times cannot be guaranteed.



Every package is transported on a limited liability basis, relating to direct loss only and limited to US100 (or equivalent) per shipment or for certain international shipments where the Warsaw Convention applies, approximately US 20/kg or US 9.07/lb (or equivalent), depending on the applicable law.

All other types of loss or damage are excluded, including, but not limited to, lost profits, income, interest or future business.

Unbeatable Insurance

Additional Insurance

TheBoxDrop provides insurance against loss or damage for all your goods at unbeatable prices!

For total peace of mind, make sure you take out our insurance on every shipment and never have to worry about your purchases. See our terms and conditions.

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Merchant Solutions

Personal & Merchant Solutions

To all US retailers ? do you want to expand your sales with an international client base? The world wants what you have got and we can provide a fully integrated logistics portal so that you can reach your clients easily and cost-effectively. Allow us to show you how to swiftly develop your international business.

The comprehensive global network provided by TheBoxDrop with offices in The Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia ensures we utilize our local knowledge with our global experience. read more

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