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TheBoxDrop goes to great lengths to negotiate the most discounted shipping rates across a range of service providers.

From global names in parcel logistics, to national postal operators and even international freight forwarders, you can be sure TheBoxDrop has the right service for your needs, at the best price. Whether you want to ship one parcel or a full container we pride ourselves in offering the right service every time.

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Shipping Rate Calculator

(The calculator links to the the zone which designates the county of destinations and calculates against the weight / volume we have supplied for the various vendors)

Please use our shipping rate calculator to get an estimate of the shipping cost. Shipping charges are always confirmed in your account section prior to shipping, once TheBoxDrop receives your package, and verifies the declared weights and dimensions.

Please complete our shipping rate calculator and click on check rates.


TheBoxDrop provides insurance against loss or damage for all your goods at unbeatable prices!

For total peace of mind, make sure you take out our insurance on every shipment and never have to worry about your purchases. See our terms and conditions.

Our amazing prices;
Value of shipment/goods:

up to $50.00 USD Insured to go at $3.50 USD
up to $100.00 USD Insured to go at $5.00 USD
up to $300.00 USD Insured to go at $12.50 USD
up to $500.00 USD Insured to go at $20.00 USD
up to $1000.00 USD Insured to go at $38.00 USD
over $1000.00 USD Insured to go at $60.00 USD per $1000.00 USD

Time Definite Parcel Carriers

FedEx: We currently offer two types of FedEx service, International Priority and International Economy. Both services offer you Door to Door delivery, backed by their real-time online tracking. Your shipment(s) will typically arrive in 1 to 3 business days using International Priority and from 3 to 5 business days using International Economy, dependent on your country and region.
Maximum weight per piece is 66lbs.
Size Limits: Max. Length 108 inches. Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) must equal less than 130 inches.

BEX: For our customers in China, we have a unique delivery service using our exclusive access to the China Post Office network. Trackable, insured, safe and fast, this gives the most effective express package service to China. As leaders in the China delivery market our ultra-competitive pricing gives you the ultimate value product.

Service Benefits:

arrowInsured and Safe
arrowUltra competitive against all other providers
arrowDelivery to all residential addresses in China
arrowDDP available - pay your duties up front!
arrowService level options from Economy to Priority


DHL: Offering a Door to Door service, directly from the TheBoxDrop Facility to your home or office. Typically your shipment(s) will arrive within 1-3 business days depending on your country and region. Backed by the convenience of real-time online tracking, you can track the whereabouts of your package with ease. The day your shipment(s) is scheduled for delivery, the goods will be delivered before the end of the business day.
Maximum weight per piece is 66lbs.
Size Limits: 42.2 x 31.5 x 31.5 inches

TNT: There are two services available from TNT, Express and Economy Express, the Express service is a day definite door to door service with transit times dependent on your country of origin. The maximum weight per piece using the express service is 66 lbs.
Economy Express is a 2 - 5 day service dependent on your country of origin, aimed at higher volume users with a maximum weight of 1,100 lbs per piece.

UPS: The services we offer using UPS are UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Worldwide Saver. The Worldwide Express is typically delivered by 10:30 or 12:00 noon within 1 - 3 business days.

UPS Worldwide Saver has transit times of 1- 3 business days but the delivery guarantee is by the end of the day.
Packages can be up to 150 lbs with 165 inches in girth and length combined however UPS requires a heavy package sticker to be attached to all packages over 70 lbs.

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