The Box Drop

How It Works?

Join TheBoxDrop and get your USA address.

Step 2

Shop US stores and merchants online.

Use your new USA address and exclusive suite number to shop online. With your TheBoxDrop membership, you no longer need to worry about companies not supporting international shipping or issues with regards to using a foreign credit card.

Step 1

Join TheBoxDrop and get your USA address.

Registering for an address in the USA will enable you to shop USA websites, purchase products and have them shipped to your own US address. This will open up your buying access to several US websites and sellers on auction sites that do not offer international delivery. With TheBoxDrop we will provide you with your very own suite number at a US address to be used for all your online shopping.

Once your package arrives at our local facility, TheBoxDrop experience truly begins.

We will update your account with details confirming the new parcel's arrival to our facility within 4 hours. In addition, on the day of receipt, we will also confirm the contents, including any sizes, colors, or identifying markings; ensure it matches the merchant's packing list, identify any broken or damaged items and re-confirm the weight & dimensions of the parcel.
Also, we will always, supply one overall photo of the contents for your peace of mind.
Your unique account preferences will then be applied which includes a variety of selections including consolidation, repacking, shipping services & options.

At all times, you remain in full control of your packages. With around the clock access to your account via our secure website you can review your packages and make decisions at any time, including

arrow Request to take additional photos
arrow Request to Scan merchant's invoices
arrow Request to Return product to merchant
arrow Change preferences on consolidation & repacking
arrow Request same day ship out
arrow Re-weigh/measure

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